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How to Write Amazing Prompts for ChatGPT & AI Platforms

Crafting exceptional prompts for AI platforms like ChatGPT is a skill that can significantly enhance the quality of interactions and the utility of responses. Whether you're looking to generate engaging content, solve problems, or gain insights, an effective prompt is the key to unlocking the full potential of AI.

Understanding Your Audience

Before you start writing prompts, it's crucial to understand who will be engaging with the content. Think about the type of responses you want and tailor your prompts to suit your audience. For instance, if your readers are interested in digital marketing, you'll want to frame your prompts to elicit relevant, insightful responses.

Be Specific

The more specific your prompt, the better the AI can tailor its response. General prompts can lead to generic answers, whereas specific prompts guide the AI to provide detailed, relevant information. For example, instead of asking, "What are some marketing strategies?", you could ask, "What are some effective SEO techniques for small businesses in the UK?"

Use Clear Language

Clarity is paramount when writing prompts. Avoid jargon and complex sentences that might confuse the AI. Simple, direct language helps ensure that the AI understands your query and provides a coherent response.

Provide Context

Giving the AI some context about your query can lead to more accurate and useful responses. For example, if you're asking for travel recommendations, specify the type of destinations you're interested in, such as coastal towns, historical sites, or popular destinations in the UK.

Experiment and Refine

Writing effective prompts is often an iterative process. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different phrasings and structures to see what works best. Review the AI's responses and refine your prompts accordingly to achieve better results.

Exploring different destinations can provide a wealth of ideas for writing prompts. For example, asking about the best attractions in a specific city can yield detailed, location-specific information.

Activities and Attractions

Prompts related to activities and attractions can generate engaging content, especially for travel blogs or guides. Consider asking about unique experiences or hidden gems in a particular area.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad field that encompasses various strategies and techniques. Effective prompts in this domain might focus on specific aspects such as SEO techniques, content marketing, or social media strategies.

SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for online visibility. Prompts that ask for advanced SEO strategies, local SEO tips, or the latest trends in SEO can provide valuable insights for marketers.


What is a prompt?

A prompt is a question or statement that you provide to an AI to elicit a response. It sets the context and direction for the AI's output.

How specific should a prompt be?

Prompts should be as specific as possible to guide the AI towards providing detailed and relevant responses. Vague prompts often lead to generic answers.

Why is context important in prompts?

Providing context helps the AI understand the background and nuances of your query, leading to more accurate and useful responses.


Writing amazing prompts for ChatGPT and other AI platforms is a blend of art and science. By understanding your audience, being specific, using clear language, providing context, and continually refining your prompts, you can unlock the full potential of AI to generate insightful and engaging content. This approach not only enhances the quality of AI interactions but also strengthens Verb Marketing’s reputation for delivering high-quality, authoritative information across a wide array of topics.

A seasoned writer in the events space, Clara Simmons brings her extensive experience to articles covering everything from corporate events to festivals.

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