Terms and conditions

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1.1 The scope of our services is limited to that described in this proposal. Terms & conditions are subject to change and this is at the discretion of Verb Marketing Solutions Ltd. The term ‘Verb’ or ‘Verb Marketing’ means ‘Verb Marketing Solutions Ltd.’



2.1 We will invoice you in accordance with the sums confirmed in this proposal at the completion of each defined activity, as set out in the proposal/invoice. All sums quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax, which will be invoiced at the rate prevailing at the tax point. All deposits are to be paid before Verb Marketing’s work begins. All remaining payments need to be paid within the conditions set within the proposal(s).

2.2 All deposits and payments are non-refundable, unless Verb Marketing breaks any part of the agreement we are responsible for. If both parties break the agreement

2.3 All monthly payments are to be received the month commencing when on a 30-day rolling contract



3.1 We will issue a Project Delivery Plan based entirely upon the agreed scope of works as defined in this proposal and the Agreement. In the event that you wish to vary the scope or change the brief, work content or material you may only do so when confirmed in writing by us. Our confirmation will include a description of the change of scope, together with confirmation of any prices and delivery dates



4.1 We warrant that we will use reasonable skill and care to ensure that our services and materials meets your specifications and brief. In the event that it materially does not meet the specification or brief we will rectify any deficiency or omission at no cost to you. You will warrant that you will pay us the agreed sums at the agreed time against the delivered service scope and service levels.

4.2 Every platform built by Verb Marketing Solutions Ltd. will include a 14 day ‘cooling period’ for any unfound testing issues or bugs. This is only applicable to clients who DO NOT purchase a website maintenance retainer.



5.1 All Intellectual Property, together with any rights derived from them remain the property of Verb Marketing. Verb Marketing will grant a non-exclusive license to each client for the use of those rights. We will also require our company name with a link to our site to be visible on the footer of your website if built by Verb Marketing.




6.1 Termination of any development work shall be in writing, with 30 days’ notice and served to the parties registered address. On termination we will invoice you for the following month too if cancelled 29 days (or less) before the next invoice is generated, together with the remainder of the development fees as set out in this proposal. We will work until the last day of payment.

Termination of any service elements [hosting etc] can only be made with 30 days written notice before the annual anniversary of the service.



7.1 We expect both parties to respect the confidentiality of each other Intellectual Property, materials and data, and not to divulge any aspects of this proposal, development work or service to any third party.



8.1 Full access to any material will be granted only when full payment is made. For print and design, high resolution files will only be provided on full payments. For web development projects, FTP and CPanel access will only be granted when full payment is made.



9.1 In any project that requires client approval/proofing, the client will have a maximum of 4 weeks to approve the work. Without any reasonable response that progresses the project to the satisfaction of Verb Marketing Solutions Ltd. will activate the remainder of the invoice, which the client will be liable for.



10.1 Verb Marketing is not liable for any financial costs or lost revenue caused by delays. Even if those delays are caused by any issues Verb Marketing take responsibility for.

10.2 Verb Marketing is not liable for any copyright issues of any content, image placement or designs on any work we provide. Any copyright infringements is solely the responsibility of the client.

10.3 The client is solely responsible for all final proofing, spelling and grammar checks. Verb Marketing is not liable for any losses caused by spelling, proofing and grammar issues.

  1. Refund/Cancellation Policy

11.1 Refunds are only given at the liability of Verb Marketing

11.2 Privacy Policy
we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

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