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20 incredible guerrilla marketing ideas

Marketing ideas are something someone should know to be able to lure in as many buyers as possible. Marketing ideas and tactics are what set one company apart from another and the rest of the competition.

Companies need to be very vigilant in their marketing strategies to make as much use of it as possible. Read on to find out 20 of the most incredible guerrilla marketing ideas

1. Make PR Your Forte

There is nothing like making good relations with whomever you meet. Sometimes word of mouth by your own mouth can be tremendous marketing. Listen to what people say around you and try to foster good relationships with them and try making your services known to them.

2. Collaborate

Two to three small ventures can collaborate on any given event and try to generate clients collectively. These ventures can either be of the same nature or a complimentary one. There is power in numbers.

3. Place Your Product In the Limelight

Product placement is very important so that there is visibility. Any service or product that is hidden from view would not entice the customers to buy it.

4. Support Community Events

There are many local events that keep happening the year round. Your company can sponsor these events and lend its name to it. If it is done on a regular or even yearly basis, then the event can become synonymous with your Company name and logo.

5. Make Your Social Media Presence Impactful

Social Media has now become a very strong tool for any company to use. No matter the size, the impact and buzz Social Media creates is amazing – and should be made full use of.

6. Write Strong Blog Posts

Blog posts that are either serious or light, are something people have started turning to for information. Blog posts are able to impart information in a way that no newspaper or magazine can do. This written content should be one of your strong points.

7. Write Guest Posts On Other Sites

Like blog posts extend your reach, so does writing guest blogs or posts on other websites. It increases visibility and shows off your skills in various ways.

8. Get Other Sites or Blogs To Write About You

If you write for others, you can ask the same of others and while at it, even request other bloggers to write about your company.

9. Make Videos And Broadcast Them Or Put Them Up On YouTube

Videos are a fun thing to watch. The shorter the better. Videos needs not always advertise your product, but can also be something you think must be shared among the masses.

10. Intensify Your Everyday Activities

Don’t do the mundane – do the insane! It is good to make your everyday activities that the audience can understand what you do and enjoy it while at it.

11. Run Promotions

Bundle offers are always irresistible. Make packages that increase your sales revenue while not becoming a burden cost wise.

12. Run Competitions

Who does not like to win – whether for a prize or for the heck of it? Competitions are a sure shot way of gaining more momentum among the audience.

13. Make Use Of Your Premises : Use Them As Billboards

Make use of your premises and invest in putting up billboards. No need to hire billboards all over town when you have your very own space right with you.

14. Add A QR Code (To the Above)

And connect it to a mobile page that would route users to your website. It is instant marketing and people would be interested in cracking a puzzle of sorts – even if it is only

15. Start A Discussion Or Debate On A Popular Topic That Is Doing The Rounds

Talk about important things.

16. Create An Online Group/Community

Likeminded people like to flock together. Make sure you try luring in as many people on a given topic as possible.

17. Show Off Your Expertise

Answer questions. This would make you seem more knowledgeable about your core workings.

18. Used LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest pool of professionals. You can use it to make strategic marketing ideas work on this forum.

19. Conduct Tours Of Your Premises

If you are a restaurant, then offer guests to take a tour of the kitchen, if you are a manufacturing unit, then allow teams to visit your factory.

20. Flash Mob Your Audience

When employees are the cast members, then flash mobbing is an enjoyable experience for all.

These are some of the tactics you can make work for yourself in the marketing arena. It is not difficult, but it is very strategic and it needs a lot of persistence and perseverance to pull off.

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