Best Christmas Adverts of 2020

Best Christmas Adverts in 2020

With just five weeks to go before Christmas is officially here, all the big brands have begun to broadcast their best Christmas adverts for 2020. Christmas adverts in 2020 typically kick off the festive feeling for many Brits. They signal the festive period has begun and it is acceptable to tuck into your first of many Christmas treats. The broadcasting of...

affiliate marketing

How to become a successful affiliate in a fast-growing market

The affiliate industry is one of the fastest-growing branches of marketing and is highly profitable for both the brand and the affiliate. With the market becoming saturated with influencers and product promotion, why is now the best time to become an affiliate? What is an affiliate? The term ‘affiliate’ itself covers a broad range of individuals; an affiliate can be an Influencer,...

Stevenage Challenge

Genius marketing campaign by Burger King the ‘Stevenage Challenge’ makes Stevenage FC world-famous

Last week, fast-food chain Burger King was praised for their ingenious marketing campaign. 'The Stevenage Challenge' saw League 2 side Stevenage become FIFA 20 Career Mode’s most used team. Burger King sponsors Stevenage FC, beginning their sponsorship of the fourth-tier team at the beginning of the 2019/20 season. The Stevenage Challenge Burger King launched the campaign aiming to transform the relatively unknown...

affiliate marketing

Why should your business use affiliate marketing to grow your brand?

Your business’s overall success can be dependent on having an effective affiliate marketing program. That being said, 63% of businesses still believe that their biggest challenge is generating leads and traffic to their website. To combat that alarming stat though, 70% of all companies are committed to increasing their lead generation budget to expose their brand and products to find new...

premier league rebranding

Great Rebranding Examples

What is rebranding? Rebranding is the development or creation of a new corporate look and feels for an already established company. The most common goal of rebranding is to revitalise the brand and make it feel more modern and stay in touch with their customers. This process can include the changing of a company’s logo, name, visuals, packaging, and any other touchpoints of...

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