Support For Business With Magento 1 Ends in 4 Months

Magento 1 support End-of-Life In just 4 months, by June 2020, Magento 1 support will stop for businesses. This will include software updates and security patches for its popular and widely-used Commerce 1 and Open Source CMS platforms. Statistics sources show the number of impacted online stores is currently estimated to be between 200,000 and 240,000. With the announcement comes major concern...

Films every sales person should watch

Five films every sales person should watch

Everyone loves watching a good film. There’s nothing better than sitting down on the couch tucked under blankets, surrounded by popcorn and sweets and putting on a good film. The only thing that can make this experience any better is if the movie offers value beyond entertainment. There are some films that leave a lasting impression on you and have...

sales presentation

8 quick sales presentation tips

Follow these presentation tips to help you present like a pro salesperson, every time you’re trying to make a sale. Check them out now. Data shows that 75% of sales presentations leave prospects feeling like the salesperson just didn’t get it. How many times have you presented in a prospect meeting and think it’s gone well, but afterwards you don’t even...


Voicemails: can they help make sales?

Why you should be leaving voicemails I recently had a discussion with a few sales people who attended one of my courses. It staggered me how few of them actually utilized the power of voicemail. This post will give you an insight into why you should leave them and how to master leaving voicemails to prospective customers/clients. Voicemails are a great...

re-engaging leads

How to re-engage old leads

Keep the approach formal Avoid using social media to contact old leads, instead use a more formal communications method such as email or phone. In addition, make sure your language and grammar are professional and perfect. Read through past interactions with your old leads You should be keeping notes with every lead you get and every interaction you have with a lead...


A simple guide to writing a LinkedIn article

1. Find something you’re interested in! Think about your audience. You’re on LinkedIn remember so don’t go writing about your apparent obsession with the Game of Thrones. By that I mean, don’t start rambling on about different characters or scenes randomly. There are some ways you could incorporate a hobby into your LinkedIn posts though. For example, if you’ve got a...

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