re-engaging leads

How to re-engage old leads

Keep the approach formal Avoid using social media to contact old leads, instead use a more formal communications method such as email or phone. In addition, make sure your language and grammar are professional and perfect. Read through past interactions with your old leads You should be keeping notes with every lead you get and every interaction you have with a lead...


A simple guide to writing a LinkedIn article

1. Find something you’re interested in! Think about your audience. You’re on LinkedIn remember so don’t go writing about your apparent obsession with the Game of Thrones. By that I mean, don’t start rambling on about different characters or scenes randomly. There are some ways you could incorporate a hobby into your LinkedIn posts though. For example, if you’ve got a...

customer experience

How You Can Improve Customer Experience

As a business, it can be easy to focus mainly on getting more leads and getting people to make a conversion. After all, that’s how u make a profit. However, it can be easy to forget about the customers you already have and the kind of experience they’re having. Ensuring your customers have a positive customer experience is really important. It...

social listening

Using Social Listening To Your Advantage

Social listening refers to the activity of analysing posts in real-time on social media around a specific subject. This can be done on bigger platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, to smaller platforms such as independent blogs and forums. Social listening is used in both B2B and B2C to gain a greater understanding of what’s going on with their competitors and...

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