365 Gainz

The Proposal

Verb’s challenge with 365Gainz was to take one of the rising stars of the UK’s fitness scene and turn it into one of the world’s leading fitness programmes. Verb was able to offer to rebrand the business, create a fully-functional purpose-built website and market 365Gainz to a wider audience.

The Process

Verb was asked to grow numbers.

To allow us to do this we proposed updating 365Gainz’s existing site to include more relevant features, features that were deemed more suitable for a company whose aim was to become a market leader. We, therefore, added elements such as, online fitness programmes, and selling merchandise, integrating these into their existing App and website together with the addition of a BMI calculator. We then added sharing links from the app to the site advertising all of the new and existing aspects.

Verb’s development team produced a plugin for the client’s site which allowed customers to sign-in through a secure portal, giving customers the ability to retrieve historical records of purchased products and services along with integrated features to facilitate payments and renewals. Included in this plugin, we added variable pricing to allow for a buyer to apply unique discounts and price offers for privileged customers. The new website that could now arrange orders, connect with payment history and store information for shipment and billing addresses.

Verb also agreed to market and promote 365Gainz and to this end initiated an affiliate marketing campaign to attract advertisers and consumers through increased site traffic. To drive site traffic, Verb used a number of successful marketing techniques, including, introducing a blog section, and adding a Testimonials page, where members could upload photographs and videos of their success stories. Verb also used all of its not inconsiderable knowledge for # manipulation, focussing on smaller, more convertible groups on active Instagram searches. Verb began by creating a perfect, clientele profile using demographics, social status, age, and income etc. We also made 365Gainz’s Instagram account private, forcing convertible viewers to follow, increasing revenue opportunities.

The Results

Since Verb has been collaborating with 365Gainz, their business has seen an increase in social media traffic, including raising 365Gainz’s followers on Instagram from a mere 3000 to over 45,000. This successful rebrand has enabled the company to extend its scope of operations developing leads to corporate contracts with large organisations such as the NHS, Arriva, and B&M stores to support staff health initiatives. Their enhanced corporate image, together with the addition of a content management system has helped 365Gainz increase sales of courses, and products, and has increased its staff and client numbers through a fresh, professionalised overall business outlook.


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July 10, 2018


Web Design

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