ACS Construction

The Proposal

ACS Construction are one of the North West’s leading civil engineering and building contractors. Based in Cheshire, they are ideally placed to serve clients across the UK. Operating for 20 years, ACS Construction have worked on a number of high profile projects.

The company required a rebrand, one able to reflect their history and with a new, forward-looking, user friendly and functional website where they could showcase the complex projects they had been involved in, which were across a number of sectors, over long time periods and with multiple phases to each project.

ACS have been operating for over 20 years, working on these high-profile projects right across the UK and the remit they gave us, was one that reflected their company history and image.

The Process

Verb began by the process by creating a logo that reflected the chronicles and prestige of the company, while also presenting a modern and forward thinking design, which would be in keeping with the company profile as they grew over the coming years.

To showcase the projects ACS had worked on, we created visualisations using advanced java script, so that we could use the striking imagery from each project, presented in a light-box which the user could click through to see the in-depth information for each project. On the individual project pages, we used interactive imagery and videos that showed the projects at different stages of their development, giving a full overview of the lengthy timelines in a quick and easily digestible way for the user to engage with. These were also categorised by sector, so that the user journey was intuitive, quick and the information was easily available with just a couple of clicks.

The second, more complex challenge, was that the website support this new brand image while also  having the functionality with which to showcase the projects, presenting them in a clear, professional and engaging way.

The Results

By creating a new brand for ACS Construction, we were able to align the company’s image with the profile they have built up over the 20 years they have been operating, with a fresh and modern feel that will carry them forward as they continue to grow and work on increasingly high-profile projects across the UK.

The website will support this, as a portal for information about the company and the projects they have worked on, meaning that the history of the company, the work they do, and news about their industry is available quickly, easily and across all devices.


Graphic Design, Web Design


June 17, 2017


Web Design

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