Catalan Wines

The Proposal

Catalan Wines are a company with over 20 years’ experience specialising in the distribution of rare and exclusive wines from the Cataluña region of Spain to customers across the UK.

In order to integrate more effectively into the exclusive market they wished to capture, Catalan Wines would require a rebrand concomitant with the quality and exclusivity of the company’s growing aims and objectives. In addition to this, the organisation would need a new company website, one that included an e-commerce store to showcase all of their products.

Verb Marketing proposed a new and elegant brand design that would achieve the company’s goal of presenting a professional and bespoke image including incredibly high quality photographic representations of their products.

We also suggested to Catalan Wines, that we integrate a range of tailored features for their customers to improve the user experience and functionality of the site. As well as these ideas, we proposed to enhance and disseminate Catalan Wines’ new corporate image through a number of organised events and festivals.

The Process

As a growing company in the market, we understood that Catalan needed a completely new, modern brand design that would reflect the kind of company Catalan wished to be and effectively represent the industry it was operating in.

To achieve this goal for Catalan, we began by designing and producing an elegant brand with a strong corporate image. To do this, we drafted eight concepts for a new brand that was sleek and simplistic to reflect the similarly luxurious nature of the business. These designs where then presented to the client and edited to ensure that they had input in the design of their own product and could make sure that it would be right for their company. The result was a sophisticated and beautiful brand image that captured the nature of the business as well as the product it sold by integrating a wine glass together with the red of the Cataluña flag into the brand.

In addition to the enhanced brand design, we created a fully functional and responsive e-commerce store which included multiple tools and features to increase the quality of the user experiences. For the company to gain awareness and interest we also organised a new PR strategy for the company which included various methods of advertising, editorials and events.

Verb created and developed Catalan Wines’ corporate image from the branding through to publicity materials for the company and we also organised the clients’ attendance at numerous food and drink events/festivals as well as local and national press coverage. Verb also provided advice and guidance on how to refine their sales techniques when communicating with potential stockists.

The Results

After receiving their new brand design, website and PR services, Catalan Wines’ new brand seamlessly and successfully integrated itself into its niche market, the company’s wines are now stocked in over 30 restaurants in Liverpool, 15 hotels and over 350 bars and businesses across the UK.


Graphic Design


August 3, 2018



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