The Proposal

Doctor4U is an online pharmacy that distributes prescribed medicines to thousands of customers throughout the UK. The company therefore enquired about our web development service in order to design and create a complex and effective merchant system that had the ability to provide an efficient sales structure for its customers.

The Process

Doctor 4 U was an entirely new website with no previous platform. Verb Marketing was given a specific brief which required the creation of an online prescribed medicines ecommerce facility. This would give customers, who are unable or do not want to see their doctor, the ability to purchase prescribed drugs online.

Several major challenges were presented as a result of this project due to the sheer volume of legal and ethical barriers surrounding the pharmaceutical industry.

Verb was therefore required to create an online consultation form for every medicine. This form often changed dependant on the medication and dosage as well as the quantity permitted for any given drug. Verb also had to ensure the purchase was enabled only if the correct answers for a legal prescription within the UK was met. The form was then also copied to the on-site doctor for validation and once approved, stored in an internal database for regulatory measures.

Another major challenge was the creation of a checkout system that ensured anti-drug abuse procedures were met in accordance with the pharmacy commission for the distribution of online medication. This meant the creation of a site plugin which detected I.P. addresses, with any duplicated information such as card details, addresses and names. Verb’s system also had to check quantities purchased within the legal timeframe to re-order the same medication. As thousands of people were to use the site, we needed an automated system that understood connected payments and cross referenced them with the same patient.

The Results

Verb not only delivered this system, but we designed an elegant website that connected with external distribution systems and stocking platforms as well as creating all the necessary authentication to ensure the site was legal and run in an ethical manner.

All processes within the site where fully automated, enabling the business to save thousands of pounds on human resource. Also, with the site’s ability to send automated reminders of prescriptions at the suitable time, this generated and converted more clients than anticipated, reaching over 35% more than the forecasted sales in repeat prescriptions.


Graphic Design


July 10, 2018



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