essential liverpool

The Proposal

Essential Liverpool is an online platform that promotes and provides discounts and offers from businesses for people within or around Liverpool. As the company was without any previous business or promotion experience, they needed a new brand design, marketing strategies and web development to produce their new website.

The Process

Verb suggested that a unique platform be developed that organised the profiles of businesses who provide deals. This way, customers could easily view and navigate through the multiple deals provided by the company. We also proposed to create a system of automatic updates for featured offers once they are added to keep the site active and engaging.

We created unique business profiles with information, including social media links, location, opening hours and a biography for SEO optimisation so customers could find out the most about the company providing their offer. We optimised each site to become the first listing for every key phrase, increasing leverage and site traffic, and we also submitted a bespoke plugin to allow the latest offers to be automatically shown within the featured section.

The major challenge was encompassing lots of information within a minimalist design. Each profile had to contain; map locations, offers exclusive to the business, and client details such as opening hours, web domain and social media links. We also recommended that each business should have a content based biography for SEO optimisation, again, providing more information for the card users.

We had to ensure that there was a level of automation, each offer that was submitted through the CMS needed to appear on the featured offers (if selected), the profile page of that specific business and the offers page under the selected category. As we didn’t want to do this task multiple times, we needed a bespoke plugin that enabled the site to segment the request and place them accordingly on the front end.

Further to this, we also optimised the website so that each page would become the first listing for each phrase, including the businesses themselves. This enabled the client to increase their leverage over each business as part of a campaign of increased digital visibility. We then approached each client to show them that Essential Liverpool would be top for phrases such as ‘Indian Restaurants in Liverpool’, this further encouraged businesses to take out paid adverts within our client’s site.


The Results

Our web development team produced a stunning design and a versatile website that provided Essential Liverpool with the ability to present all offers and deals for its residents. We designed and produced a brand-new company logo, promotional flyers and business cards. We even organised a mystery campaign with a unique QR code to boost brand interest and quality of promotion.

Over the first 6 weeks we obtained over 1,500 organic followers/likes and began to create marketing collateral and use it for paid adverts for the local businesses to utilise.


Graphic Design


July 3, 2017


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