The Proposal

Local news agency YB news came to VerB Marketing with an old site and an outmoded brand that was no longer fit for purpose. Jenny and Tony wanted a site that performed well in Google rankings and engaged their audience in a way that befitted their vision of what a news agency should look like.

Verb Marketing suggested, that to improve YB’s market share they needed to create a corporate image that reflected the size and type of business they had created. To do this, they would need to re-brand with a new logo and a new website to complement this vision.

Verb would design and create this new brand to build the news organisation’s corporate image and sales leads through a bespoke design, which would be purpose-built for an interactive news platform such as theirs, with the aims of; increasing user experience, increasing viewing figures and more importantly a greater Return On Investment through increased sales engagement.

The Process

The first thing we needed to do was outline and produce a range of conceptual designs for LBN’s logo before agreeing on a brand style that reflected effectively their needs, one built around the ideas of authority and trust.

Verb then built a user-friendly site that boasted a high level of configurability and integration capabilities (including Facebook, Google, and Instagram logins) with an advanced, powerful search engine, including the ability to search with category tags.

Because up-to-date news is a highly reactive process, part of Verb’s remit was to include a high degree of self-sufficiency into the design of this WordPress site, not simply as a cost-effective solution but to allow LBN’s staff to quickly edit and upload rapidly changing content without the need for code. Our web development team also incorporated into the content management system a range of enhanced features such as,

  • An innovative search facility which strips back the high visibility, colour-coded, headings sections
  • The ability to share all news items, spreading influence
  • Relatable articles, meaning site visitors stay longer, increasing conversion rates
  • In-frame video capability
  • A secure comments section
  • A Megamenu facility through hover
  • Individualised social link connectivity
  • As well as a blog and newsletter signup.

The Results

LBN or Liverpool Business News now has a suitable platform with which to report business news to a local and wider online audience, with the aim of promoting global events, through such for as the, Getting British Businesses Online (a Google pilot project) The Global Entrepreneurs Congress and The International Festival for Business. LBN do this by adding subscribers to their weekly newsletter and current regular visitors to their website.

The results for LBN have been astonishing. A complete rebrand with the design and creation of a new logo, and the completion of a bespoke fully-functional web platform utilising a range of information and features for customers to access, has led to a 120% sales increase from 2016-2017 (with site figure and traffic increases evaluated through Google Analytics) and more importantly, as far as both Verb Marketing and Liverpool Business News are concerned, both new and increased revenue streams.


Graphic Design


July 3, 2017



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