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20 affordable marketing campaigns shown with mind map

20 Affordable Marketing Campaigns

Not all companies have a huge marketing budget. Some do not even have a separate budget for marketing. What then should companies do in this case? Marketing is one tool which generates interest and sales for the company. Read on to find 20 affordable marketing campaigns that you can incorporate in your next strategy.

1. You can post online videos this is a free option that you can actually utilise. YouTube comes in handy at such a time.

2. Testimonials all the way as people love reading and knowing about other people’s experiences. No matter whether they are known to each other or not. Let the testimonials do the talking.

3. BlogSpot everything you see, hear and experience. Inspiring and funny blogs catch people’s attention and is one marketing tool you can use.

4. Is outsourcing an option? Sometimes outsourcing proves to be the better and cheaper option.
The company that you would outsource it to, would have a competitive advantage over certain marketing areas and even have more expertise than marketing executives in your company. Depending on budget, hiring someone from outside can actually prove more beneficial.

5. Just Google it put yourself on Google maps so that people can easily find you.

6. Share! Share! Share! Paste yourselves all over the web! Social Media, any friend’s
website, simply use and exhaust every avenue that is available to you. It is mostly free after all.

7. Incentivise sharing after all sharing is caring. Any content you want spread like wildfire, then simply attach a lure to it. Your content would be shared dozens of times instantly – and with very low costs to you.

8. Why wait for an old advert to play, when you can go live? Snapchat and other such forums, help marketers bring the product or service to life and make it seem more accessible to the potential customers.

9. Live performances can be truly awe-inspiring. If you are a restaurant owner, then you can invest in live cooking where chefs prepare food in front of patrons. It may be a hefty one time investment, but the running costs are low if not negligent.

10. Learning along with the pros who would not like to learn something new from a professional. Have cooking classes if you have a restaurant, or a woodwork class if you are a hardware store.

11. Curate Content so that people have one landing site to come on – it should be yours. Choose a topic and gather as much information as possible and then publish it.

12. Search Engine Optimize your website so that with pertinent keywords your site comes up higher up on search engines.

13. Use ads on social media to promote your company as these ads are generally less expensive than conventional ads, but are more popular and have greater success in terms of marketing tactic.

14. Depending on budget sponsor local events as these are a sure shot way of gaining more recognition.

15. Make a tagline and spread it as taglines become synonymous with the brand and company. Brainstorm ideas and pick the most impactful out of the discussion and use it tirelessly.

16. Identify your niche market if any and focus on them as it does not matter whether you leave someone out or not. Once you narrow down your audience and client base, it becomes simpler and less resources are expended.

17. Use groups made on several forums and send them newsletters and messages that contain information regarding any product or service you have introduced. Your target audience is simply a few clicks away and you send messages instantly for free.

18. Make full use of your website if you have one as websites are essential in this day and age. Apart from your running and maintenance costs, what you do with your website is totally up to you and you are free to do so you please – for free.

19. Make your market campaign simple, not only does it lower your cost of making one, but it also seems cleaner and slicker.

20. Make a clear plan first; although not a mainstream guideline but if you do not have a plan in hand you may very well be setting yourself up for disaster. Once the marketing team has devised a plan, it is easier to allocate resources in the best manner, rather than haphazardly. This reduces time, money and effort spent overall.

So these were the 20 affordable ideas you could incorporate in your marketing campaign. Choose 1 choose all and make it work for you!

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