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5 Ways to Build up your Online Marketing

If you’ve spent time marketing your business online, you’ve probably heard the term “opt-in.” Opt-ins are potential or existing customers who have elected to receive an email newsletter program filled with sales and marketing information on a regular basis.

An opt-in list can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. Various studies have shown that prospects don’t buy until the 8-10th time they’ve heard your message. If you can get your prospects to opt-in to receive your emails, chances are good that they’ll purchase something down the road. Marketing to a self-selected prospect list is far more cost-effective than sending mailings or emails to a purchased list of potential customers who may be unfamiliar with your company.

Building a list of prospects who opt-in to receive information can be a daunting task. It can take time to gather enough prospects to make an effective list. However, a consistent effort over time will allow you to build a list that can become one of your greatest business assets.

Here are some simple but often overlooked ways to build an opt-in list through your online marketing efforts:

1. Your website forms –You want your websites to be lead generation machines, but often those who download your sales collateral are really “just looking.” Every time you put a download behind a form, you should give that prospect an opportunity to sign up for regular newsletter-type emails from your organization. A simple check box on the bottom of your form can be enough to get your opt-in list started:

Yes, I would like to receive regular updates and new information like this.

2. Your email signature line – Give your company a professional look while you capture email addresses for your email newsletter program. Each outgoing email from your company can be branded with a standard that invites people to subscribe to your newsletter program. After each person’s name, title, email, and phone number, you can provide an incentive to sign up for your newsletter. At the bottom of each outgoing email, you can add a line that says something like “Get weekly tips and tricks” with a link to the opt-in form on your website.

3. Your website – We already mentioned your website forms, but take a moment to add a subscription link to your email newsletter on each page of your website as well. It’s the first step in building an interactive website and can be a tremendous source for additional opt-in subscribers. It’s as easy as putting in a link that says, “Get our newsletter!”

4. Renting a list – Business owners who are just starting out may find they need to rent a list of potential prospects. Targeted rented lists can help you get started, but it’s best not to rely on them for too long. It’s too easy for your prospects to click the spam button and for you to find your business blacklisted and your email marketing blocked.

If marketing to a rented or purchased list is a step you decide to take, be sure to comply with CAN-SPAM laws and other email marketing laws which may apply in your area. In addition, you should leverage every email you send to build your opt-in list. Never send an email out without giving them a link at the bottom which will bring them directly to a webpage on your site that allows them to sign up to receive more information.

5. Your blog – If you have a blog, hopefully, you are already giving visitors to your blog a way to subscribe, such as through an RSS feed, so they can receive each new post on their desktop. You can also turn your awareness-building blog into a lead generation tool by giving your visitors a chance to sign up for your newsletter from a link on your blog post or from a sign-up form on the side of your blog.

To avoid letting all of your efforts go to waste, you need to make sure that you track your opt-in subscriptions effectively in a tool such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in order to maximize the impact of each of your marketing campaigns.

Building an opt-in list can take some time, but it is an essential element of an effective marketing program and one that is well worth the effort.

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