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10 things every website should have

Websites need to be super user friendly in order to generate more traffic. Websites that fail to work properly are doomed to fade out of existence. That is why we have compiled of ten things every website should have. Read on to see whether you need to make any amendments or are good to go.

Have Prominent Name Tags

This is what identifies a company. A business cannot go with a name and the website is definitely one area where the name should be most prominent.

Go With Private Domain Names

As far as domain names go, yours should be worth remembering. That is why it is a good idea to invest in a private domain name and show yourself in the most professional light, where people who do business with you, know that you are someone to contend with.

The More Memorable The Better

While on the subject of domain names, it is best to go with something that is easy to remember and identify with. That way, the company’s domain name takes on an identity of itself and ensures greater traffic.

Have A Secure Line

When using and accepting online information, whether it is private contact details or even Credit/Debit card information, a website should have enough securities in place that this information is not leaked and misused. Credibility would otherwise be non-existent and no one would want to visit the site again.

Have A Searchable Business Name In Your Text Content

Logos containing Business names would not come up in search engines. To Search Engine Optimize as well as make your website visible at all, then be sure to have your company’s name within text as well.

Searchable Business Address

Likewise companies should ensure to have their address in text form as well. It is of no use if the website is perfect, but the address cannot be searched. Take a bit of extra time to review all texts and add all pertinent information you want to come up in search engines.

Have a Click-To- Click Format for your Company Phone Number

In this technological era, more and more people have shifted to handheld devices, especially smartphones. So it is a smart move if you offer a one-touch way for connection among the users.

Make Your Work More Prominent

At one glance your visitor should understand your nature of work. This way they would not have to search any further and everything would be right at their fingertips.

Have A Unique Selling Point and Make That The Most Prominent

You most certainly would have a unique selling point as a company. Make that your pitch and gain momentum in your business dealings.

Have Testimonials At The Forefront

Testimonials act like word of mouth. They increase credibility among users because a new person relies on someone who has already had experience and gains from it.

It is fairly easy to run a website if you follow these guidelines. Make it as easy and simple to read and search for your viewers to not only generate traffic but also to make it business worthy.
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