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How to put the Marketing back into Content Marketing

Content marketing has grown in popularity over the last few years and has become an integral marketing technique for many businesses. The Content Marketing Institute defines it as ‘a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience’. Content marketing is a great marketing method – if it’s been implicated properly that is. So, what are the common mistakes people are making and how do you overcome them?

Common Mistakes

Say for example you have your whole team creating a wide range of content such as copywriting, social media posts, promotional videos and infographics and you schedule it all so regular content is always going out.

Many people focus only on the ‘content’ part of content marketing, which is a common downfall. Yes, it’s important to have content going out frequently, but don’t let this be your main aim. It’s better to have less content going out that is better quality for your visitors, rather than lots of wishy-washy content with no real substance. Always choose quality over quantity when it comes to content marketing.

How to improve

Having a well-rounded team is always helpful when it comes to content marketing. A good team should have experienced copywriters, social media marketers, designers and video producers. By having a strong team it’ll be much easier to brainstorm ideas and come up with new content marketing strategies.

When creating any content, it’s important you take your audience into consideration. You should be looking at what type of content they interact with the most and what platforms they prefer using. It’s also a good idea to look at what their digital behaviour is like so you can get a feel for how likely they are to interact with your content.

No matter how good or bad the outcome of your content marketing campaign, you should always treat it as an opportunity to learn. Did it perform well? Then great! Examine what it was that connected with your audience and apply it to more of your pieces. If it didn’t do so well, do your research and find out what people didn’t like about the campaign and try and improve on it in the future.

To Sum Up

While it’s all well and good creating tons of content to be going out all the time, it’s vital you remember to market it properly! Spend some time creating eye-catching designs to go with your content, or even incorporate some PPC or social media ads. Remember, it’s pointless writing good, valuable content if your audience isn’t interacting with it.

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