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SEO for small businesses can be easy and cheap…

Verb isn’t just a company dealing in SEO. We look after SEO for small businesses. We do all that complicated SEO stuff that only marketing experts can (apparently) do too. We can get you high on Google’s rankings, often on the first page. Many marketing firms say they can’t guarantee to get you to that allusive 1st page, and many of them also say it can take a year to get you there. This is rarely ever true.

These marketing firms tell you these things in order to increase the value of their work. Would you believe marketers would do anything less? Anyhow, this means the work they do is base level SEO and will naturally take a long time and come with no guarantees at the end of it. SEO work is labour intensive and like blogging, social networking and digital advertising, what you put in is what you get out of it.

Now, we know every company tells you they’re different, often accompanying these views with pleasant videos and quirky animations with fast-paced, uplifting piano music (ours is coming soon). Our ethos is honesty (another likely story) but the only way we can honestly distinguish ourselves from every other marketing firm is by action. That is why we set ambitious goals and offer no-contracts. If you’re not happy with our work then you can leave us at any time.

We’ve been asking ourselves, why can’t a company just market something and charge out a sensible rate? Why can’t a marketing business be seen as a positive contributor to small businesses in a struggling economy rather than a leech in a self-serving system? Now we can babble on about how different we are an honest and friendly the whole set-up is but the only way to truly know who we are and how we operate is by looking at the work we do. The point we’re trying to make is that we’ll make a promise… If we can’t get you on the 1st page of Google within 3 months for at least one keyword, we’ll give you back 50% of what your business paid us!

Verb is not here to take money for an easy days work. We are here to stay! We see ourselves as a business that many small companies will praise for helping them get off the ground and not trying to squeeze every penny out of hard-working people.

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