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Small Business Marketing Specialists – Verb Marketing

So here we have it, our first official blog! We’re very grateful for all the likes and we hope to crack on developing as many websites as we can. So… first things first, what is Verb?

Verb is a small business ran by a small number of very helpful individuals who want to do all your marketing for you! Now, this is the point where you begin to think you’re about to read a long and boring blog about how great we are, filled with a billion buzzwords like a consultation, profit maximisation, B2B, CRM and so forth…

Plain and simple, we believe there is a gap in the market for a company (like us) to help deliver affordable packages to small businesses, which will range from designing them a stunning website, printing and designing their stationery, getting them to the top of Google or simply maintaining an existing site. The main ethos behind the business is to keep it as honest and as simple as possible. Marketing is often marketed as complicated to intimidate customers and shy them away from doing stuff themselves. However, we offer news and information as well as services to entrepreneurs, always stating that marketing is mainly just time-consuming! We offer labour. Getting to the top of Google organically takes time, it takes blogging, posts, social network engagement and constantly refreshing your site. We’re not saying this type of work is complex, we’re simply saying it consumes a lot of time. We take the burden, bring the expertise and offer a flat rate. We hate hidden costs and believe in a fair days work for a fair days pay. But then again, we also believe we are not the first in delivering this message and appearing all noble and stuff…

The difference (here it comes) is that we offer a package called ‘Digital Dave’. He is essentially a digital staff member that Verb employs. It takes away staff costs like recruitment, holidays, sick days, bonuses, inflation, pay rises, full-time employment when you don’t really need it, desks, computers, and the list goes on. What he does is simple. You have your website (designed by us or someone else) and you need a re-shuffle of some items, you have a new menu you want uploading, you’re offering a new service to customers or you’re even sick of the images on your current site and want a little makeover – Dave does it. You want your business cards designing or maybe some flyers or an advert you’ve bought with a magazine – Dave will design it. You want to get to the top of Google on several major key phrases like ‘North West Plumbers’ then (you’ve said it already) – Dave will do it. The same goes for keeping your site secure, ensuring it doesn’t go down and solving the problem if it does. He can also use his trade contacts to get you the best deals when you want to advertise.

Verb Marketing is here to help small businesses in the UK. We feel this is the new era of marketing. The secret, ambiguous costs behind marketing are a real annoyance to us and it’s gone unregulated and unattended since its emergence. We aim to earn a fair profit for fair work, we hope you share our aim.

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