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Spotlight: Kays Medical

Kays Medical is a UK distributer of bespoke medical supplies. With over 3000 products within their medical range, Kays Medical required the design and production of a catalogue that effectively arranged their thousands of products into relevant and organised categories to create the most efficient reader experience possible. Along with an organised format and product range, the company required a beautifully-designed catalogue so the product would not only reflect the broad range of products available to the client but also the professional standards of the business through the bespoke design of each page.

Kays had produced several catalogues in the past but as part of their overhaul, they wished to be more organised and had never recorded any of the original eps files for design. This meant this design would begin from scratch and we would need to work in partnership to produce Excel spreadsheets, storyboards and eps and PDF version of each of the 160 pages.

We held a thorough consultation over the specification of the job with the client so we could determine what style they preferred, what objectives they wanted to reach with the catalogue and what dislikes they had about their current one.

Our team of skilled graphic designers analysed the company website for our client and took the logo as well as the colour schemes of the business so that a catalogue could be created that not only reflected the business identity but remained consistent with the original designs of their own website.

The next step was to create a complete range of templates to select from. They selected a template and then we ran samples within that design. Once the designs and template had been approved by our client, we began organising and categorising every product within the new catalogue and by consulting with our client and referring to their own website, we were able to group the large number of products all within relevant sections of the catalogue. What we produced was a carefully-designed catalogue with stunning visual features as well as one that was easy to read, provided detailed and informative descriptions and provided every products provided by Kays Medical in an organised and easy-to-navigate format.

Kays Medical ordered over 10,000 catalogues and distributed them to over 3,000 clients in a large scale, targeted postal campaign. They also distributed equal proportions of that brochure to the sales representatives who had been without a brochure in four months. We were also awarded the print contract and saved the company several thousand in costs.

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