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Spotlight: Sterling Services

Sterling Services is a construction company requiring a complete re-brand. As a business with many competitors, they needed to present a unique and bespoke image to stand out from others. As part of this rebrand, we needed to create a range of marketing materials such as a new logo, stationery, van vinyl and corporate brochures.

The Challenge

As a construction company, Sterling Service had no prior experience or knowledge in logo design due to the fact that it is a commonly overlooked marketing material by such businesses. This meant that Verb was faced with the challenge of producing a new and representative brand with a beautiful design without any initial ideas to work with.

The Solution

We understood that for the company to stand out effectively from other construction organisations, they would need a completely unique brand with a corporate image that reflected their specific qualities. To achieve this, we started our process of design by drafting six new and different brand concepts that we were confident would reflect the professional quality of the company and the products they provide. We aimed for a sleek and modern design. After creating the six versions, our designs were quickly narrowed down to one that fulfilled all aspects of the company’s goal.

After the entire re-brand project was completed, we began to focus on other marketing materials that would improve the marketing strategy of the company and increase revenue. For the company to gain more business and sales, we looked to their brochures and decided that these should be updated and refined to better reflect the high-quality of products and services. What we delivered were bespoke brochures as well as presentation packs which succeeded in enhancing their sales pitch with a much higher chance of conversion.

As well as delivering various marketing materials, we created a brand-new website that included CMS which allowed the company to add their own company case studies over time, providing them with the independence to update their website whenever they required it. The website’s design maintained beautiful aesthetic in cohesion with the new brand to create a consistent professional standard throughout the company. We also included a news ticker that presented the latest projects and news which succeeded in keeping the site active and informative for their audience.

The Value

Sterling Service were successfully able to present themselves as a unique and professional company with the bespoke materials we provided and saw a sales increase of 120% from 2016 – 2017. With increased business and sales leads gained from their new website, the company has flourished, recently gaining an award of £500,000 due to their car park remedial works for ASDA.

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