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The benefits of an Outsourced Marketer

Save money and time, use a marketing agency!

Marketing is an essential and integral aspect iofany business. So why should small enterprises use marketing agencies to do their work for them?

Finance and time

Some entrepreneurs think of using a marketing agency as “an additional cost they could probably avoid”. So many small businesses will go down root of doing their marketing themselves. The drawback of that is that it can be very time-consuming. And the more time you spend on trying to maintain your website, design, printing etc… you could be missing out on building a business strategy and making important business decisions. You could also be missing out on building that all important relationship with your customers or trying to find new ones. Many small businesses think that they need to employ a marketing manager to get all of the work done for them. Sometimes this can work, but for the majority of firms, this can cost more than actually employing a marketing agency to do their work for them.

A marketing manager can cost in the region of £20,000 a year (minimum), with wages, employee insurance, pensions, bonuses, training, sick leave etc. The list could go on and on. A marketing agency can save you more than half of them costs and the quality of the work can and most likely will be better. Marketing is always better when it is done by several specialists and not one person. If one person was to do all of the marketing work themselves, the work they do can become biased and this can lead to poor marketing. Two minds work better than one, and at Verb Marketing you will have a team of specialists that dedicate their time and experience to make sure your marketing is done at the very best highest level. This leaving you and your business time to concentrate on your strategy and customers.

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