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Twittering the night away

5 ways to maximize your twitter performance

The biggest thing in people’s lives today is generally being concerned with how to get the most out of their Twitter activities; how can one possibly solve the never-ending problem of using Twitter to its fullest potential? The answer lies in a phrase containing 3 words: “Increasing your engagement.” To most people that might sound like a phrase that means nothing, yet it is something that means everything in itself if you ever want to derive any benefit out of it for your Twitter performance. To increase your engagement simply means to increase the number of people in their own separate Twitter usage in such a way that they come across whatever it is that you have written or want to tell others about. To most of us average folk this might mean engaging not more than 10 or 20 people per day, but if you’re fairly cool in your circle then engaging maybe 100 or 200 people might work. However, is this enough? What determines “enough”?

The true value of Twitter lies in its availability to connect and engage your audience. If you are not engaging with enough people then your Twitter quite simply put is a perfect waste of time. Simple techniques and tricks while using Twitter can make the slightest difference in those Twitter followers. So stay bent on keeping the numbers increasing!

Importance of the Time and Day
Research shows that people who tweet between 7am to 8pm will have 30% more interaction with other fellow Twitterers! There is a higher chance of engagement if the tweet is made on the weekend between the times above mentioned. That definitely does not mean that you’re being advised to stop using your Twitter account for the rest of the week. What we’re only trying to mean is that important tweets should be timed in just the right order to reap the maximum desired engagement and results out of them. Once again, these are only innocent guidelines on how to engage more with your Twitter performance. Would you like to interact with someone who knocks on your door at 2am in the night, and keeps blabbing on and on continuously? These simple daily manners that we use in our daily life surprisingly apply in cyber life as well, especially on a platform like Twitter as well.

Keep tweets under 110 words
Similarly, although Twitter only allows a short amount of words as it is, the trick here is to keep your word count below 110 words, anything above is too long and the audience will definitely lose interest.

Share images
This simple yet effective change will bring about a big difference. Most users don’t use the effective higher levels of engagement brought about through images. Most studies have shown that tweets with images are more likely to be re-tweeted than non-image tweets.

Use hashtags
Hashtags are the new 21 st century trend. If you’re not already familiar with the science of using hashtags, refrain from proceeding any further through this article. Hashtag, just quit!

Smartly using hashtags doubles your engagement rate by allowing you to have a higher visibility rate than other tweets. However, caution must be implied here. Generally, tweets that have more than 2 hashtags drop significantly in engagement.

Include links
Links are important, they tell people you are not talking out of your hat and actually have very solid substance behind your ranting instead.

Another bonus tip that we feel obliged to give out before summing this article up is that you must definitely not use lifestyle tweets unless you are a celebrity.

Happy tweeting!

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