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5 Essential Tips to Guide Your Web Design Skills

A website is one of the best ways you can stand out when you have giants ruling over the internet realm. Websites boomed soon after the world hit the 21 st Century mark, and after that, this concept has been promoted globally and has become one of the leading mediums for business to prove their metal in the marketplace. Website designing is the professional field which is said to be the result of this growing need for a website. So here are five web design skills.

Web designing usually involves tons of different variables and values, which come together in order to provide proper maintenance and development of a website. Different parts encompass a website design, and in order to get a hang of all of these scenarios, it is important for people to improve their web designing skills. However, web designing beginners might find it extremely daunting to improve their certain set of skills. Here are five simple, yet effective tips, which can help in enhancing and improving your web design skills.

1. One Tutorial per Day:
A tutorial can help you get an idea of what you are going to do with the designs you are planning to make in the future. Tutorials are the best way of improving your set of web design skills. You have the opportunity to practice the areas you like, and become better at them one step at a time.

2. Try To Imitate Famous Websites:
You must have gone through different designs, most of the giants of the online world. Try to pick one of them and imitate their design. This will help in improving your skills, and will enhance your level as a web designer overall.

3. Simplify Navigation:
One of the most important things you need to do, in order to improve your website designing is to simply the navigation of your website. The more you make your website complicated, the more you will find it difficult to maintain.

4. Pay Attention towards Text:
The text is one of the most important aspects in your website design, and you need to make sure to make it visible and engaging. This helps in improving your coding skills, and makes your website a compelling one. Make sure to use large font on the text, to make the content visible.

5. Make Use of The Whitespace:
One of the biggest mistakes is to try to fill all the blank spaces up. When you are learning some skills, or improving them, make sure that every website you make, even if it’s a dummy website – leave some space for the text to breathe. This helps in making your website easy to scroll.

6. Take the Squint Test
This may sound a bit unprofessional, but it is definitely one of the most effective ways if you want to find out about what the most prominent element on your website is. All you need to do is slightly back away from your computer screen and squint your eyes until they get blurry. You will see that the majority of the things become unnoticeable except for the colorful, larger or bolded content on your page. Squinting your eyes help a web designer to judge and predict what a first time visitor might face when he opens your website for the first time. Once you scan through the eyes of a new visitor, you will know what the user might think about the website and what it is focusing on. And you can make adjustments accordingly to enhance their experience and bring their attention to what you believe is the most important feature to your website.

Website designing is an ever-growing professional field and the number of professionals flocking towards it is growing by heaps and bounds. In order to get on top of your competitors, you need to make sure you improve your skills with each passing day.

Hence, make sure you go through these tips, so you can enhance your web design skills and become better at website designing. For more ideas and tips on becoming a better website designer, visit

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