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Benefits of Transforming an HTML Site into WordPress Site According To Web Design Liverpool Companies

Site owners often choose to convert their HTML websites into a WordPress site even though HTML has always served as the foundation for internet ever since the beginning. Even Web Designers in Liverpool strongly recommends doing so as they consider it beneficial to have a site that is designed with WordPress. Even though the HTML has also been recently improved for accommodating new site design features, WordPress still stands as the favourite when it comes to site development. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons as to why this is so.

  • Convenience: Even though HTML is widely held to be a simple language, site owners still need to have some technical knowledge to reap its benefits. However, WordPress allows site owners to manage all content effectively through a simple user interface. This makes it a lot easier to manage websites seamlessly without any understanding of HTML codes. With WordPress, site owners can easily work with themes and content to create attractive websites that can be modified at any point of time.
  • No additional requirements of applications and overheads: One of the reasons for which every web design company Liverpool strongly recommends converting to a WordPress site is that it negates the need of using additional overheads or applications. HTML sites often come with the need of using additional software tools that become necessary for managing existing content or uploading new ones. In many cases, these software applications are costly and complex to work with. However since WordPress is a standalone application, it does not require any such additional applications, thereby minimizing cost and efforts.
  • Scalability: In many cases, HTML sites can break down during times of high traffic. Moreover, these HTML sites are also difficult to modify or upgrade to accommodate new features without the help of the developing team. On the other hand, WordPress is easily scalable and allows site owners to manage large volumes of traffic no matter the extent of the site and the business. Additionally, WordPress offers an extensive range of plugins which can be used for deploying new features without the need to consult the developers. This is one of the reasons for which Liverpool web design companies recommend using WordPress over HTML.
  • SEO Friendly: Websites made with a WordPress site are much more SEO friendly than those made with HTML. This naturally helps to generate higher ranking on various SERPs which in turn helps to generate more business for the site owners.
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